The brand

Cirque de Paname started with an incredible human adventure brought to life by young and creative minds, passionate with any living art forms. And an insatiable desire to offer to the public their savoir-faire of more than 20 years bringing back French Entertainment to all its greatness. Finally, after 3 years of intense and passionate work, we are proud to present our first show. A brand new, project, a new experience that will, we hope, delight you.

Our values


Creativity & Innovation are the core of our creations. Renewal, being decidedly facing the future, innovating with audacity while respecting ancestral savoir-faire : French entertainment is accessible to all.


You will fully embark on our fantastical universe. Be ready for an immersive experience that will awake all your senses, from the entrance of the marquee until you exit, and through transportation, the lobby, our food and beverages…the experience will be complete.


Being on the quest of French requirement. A value carried by all of our crafts and arts with a know-how and constant pursuit of French excellency. We also have the great desire to offer you a reliable, safe and cozy entertainment venue.


CDP combines service and hospitality to personalization to guide and help you all through your adventure.

Our engagement


It is the trademark of a constant renewal and with this perspective in mind, CDP’s use of the latest technologies is a priority. We present you, for the first edition, an innovative creation that will open new horizons while being actual and timeless.


We turn on what we see or what we are told, but what we do not feel. It is this principle that makes us want to experience a rich and complete experience that gradually transports you into our fantastic world through the components of a landmark experience: creation, immersion, innovation, technology and proximity.


From companies to shows, from the founders to the artists, from designers to craftsmen and women…CDP is the guarantee of the French savoir-faire. Representing a team of over 85 people mixing requirement, sophistication and French refinement serving its creativity. With one common objective: producing high quality entertainment with a fair fee.


CDP works closely with associations to make its shows accessible to visually or hearing impaired in addition to those with reduced mobility. The company is equipped with the best technologies to enrich all its diverse public’s hearing and imaginary.

  • The audio-description process will transmit through headphones information on staging, decors, costumes, comedians and their whereabouts.
  • A booklet in braille will be provided

The venue


To allow you to be totally immersed, we have conceived and designed a venue matching the greatness of our show: a majestic marquee, composed of arches, will set place at the heart of the mythical ParisLongchamp hippodrome, on the west of the Boulogne woods, green lung of the capital.

The ParisLongchamp hippodrome is, today, a one-of-kind and innovative Parisian hub. Fully rehabilitated in 2018, it will allow the “CDP” dome to fully find its place: from transportation to hospitality, from food and beverages to entertainment, the experience will be powerful and complete.

Copyright: photos ©Julien Panié ©Nathalie Robin