Mother Earth of the elements
of nature

With its 120 shows, “Le Monde de Jalèya” (The World of Jalèya) gathers artists who have worked for the biggest shows over these last years in France and all around the world. About 70 creative and experienced performers and experts, 14 acrobats, 10 dancers, 4 live musicians, 2 singers and 3 actors, all of them passionate about living arts and ready to bewitch you.

“Le Monde de Jalèya”, Mother Earth of the elements of nature, where creatures and heavenly beauties meet. This fantastic and dreamlike creation will blend various arts such as contemporary circus, dance, music and other high-level artistic disciplines.

“Le Monde de Jalèya” will offer a visual, sensory, enchanting and poetic world.

This new type of hybrid show will bring you new experiences, for example through the use of immersive technologies: “odorama” (Digital scent technology), video projections, 3D audio effect…
Music, which plays an active role in the show, will be successively epic to enhance the action and pop to elevate the acts and choreographies.

“Le Monde de Jalèya” promises an imaginary and poetic journey through amazing universes.

For an evening, you will be fully immersed in the show and you will discover through music the fantastic story that looms in front of you.


Oliver is a curious young man who discovers a chest filled with things in a strange attic. Amongst them, an oil lamp with mysterious powers will open for him the doors to The World of Jalèya.

With the guide Knosios, Oliver will have to cross fantastic territories, meeting the creatures which live there. In order to leave, he will have to roam the kingdoms of Nature’s elements: Terrëa, Fyrön, Eaulus and Airya. Humorously, fearfully or with clumsiness, he will go from one surprise to another.

Between reality and magic, Oliver will have to find the path to his own truth…


He is the main character, he’s a young man, a little dreamy, who is still a child at heart. He belongs to the “real world”, that one the audience belongs to and with whom you will identify yourself. Unlike the others characters, he has no idea what he will go through and the adventure awaiting him. His arrival in the fantastic world of Jalèya is the metaphor of a personal ordeal he’s facing and which will make him learn a lot, particularly, that sometimes, reality is what we choose to believe.


He is the first imaginary character to enter the show. His purpose is to take Oliver to the world of Jalèya so that the hero faces various tests. Through exploration and funny moments, sometimes scary, raging or sad, Knosios and Oliver will eventually become friends. With no explanation of the reason of his presence, Knosios will guide Oliver towards the four kingdoms and let him face each thing, creature or element he will discover. Yet, at the end of his journey, an important question will arise: Is Knosios real or was he only alive in the imagination of the young man?


She is the goddess of the Kingdom of Jalèya’s elements. She looks breathtaking but at the same time cold and distant: she never shows her thoughts or her emotions. In each Kingdom she crosses, she manages to embody each element and inspires respect to all the people of Jalèya… as well as to the visitor like Oliver. She doesn’t know yet that her meeting with the young man will be a life-changing experience and will change in many ways the balance in Jalèya.

The audience will be able to pursue its exploration of the World of Jalèya with the young adult novel.

« Jalèya, dans l’ombre d’Oliver Wynd » byOlivier Wynd, co-written by Ophélie Pemmarty and Ludovic Marcato.

Will be available starting November 14th 2019 in the store before or after the show and will be released in bookstores beginning December 2019.

Copyright: photo ©Julien Panié / Characters & book ©Ludovic Marcato