Mother Earth of the elements
of nature

The performers

Alexandre Faitrouni

Plays the role of OLIVER WYND

Actor and singer, Alexandre is used to the Parisians stages. After performing in Fame, Frankenstein Junior, Salut les copains, La Belle et La Bête, Love Circus, La petite fille aux allumettes or even “31”, he received in 2018, the award for the supporting role for his performance as Eugène in Grease.

Sébastien Sfedj

Plays the role of KNOSIOS

Sébastien Sfedj began his career as a dancer for contemporaries’ companies such as Bianca Li’s and as an actor for commercials.

In 1998, he joined the successful musical Notre-Dame de Paris original cast. Later on, he performed in big Musicals such as “Les Dix Commandements” (The Ten Commandments: The Musical) or Romeo & Juliette. In 2005, he is hired at Cirque du Soleil for the creation of the Delirium show.

Tatiana Matre


Tatiana Matre, singer, actress and songwriter, started in the Musicals “1789 Les Amants de la Bastille” (1789, the Bastille lovers), “Mistinguett” or “Emilie Jolie”. Her warm voice and her groove give rhythm to the scenes of this huge fantastic show.



Songwriter with pop influences, Ayvin’s renditions will accompany and transcend the imaginary and poetic journey of the young Oliver.

Aurélie Giboire

Plays the role of MËRYA

Dancer, model and acrobat, Aurélie has been working with choreographers such as Kamel Ouali, Marjorie Ascione, Stéphane Jarny or Carl Portal for more than 10 years. She performed as a dancer for Kanye West, Thierry Mugler or Jean-Paul Gaultier and in movies for Pierce Brosnan.

For a couple of years, she has been choreographing fashion shows, for example for l’Oréal. Aurélie walked the catwalk for Adidas, Nike, Cartier, Mugler…She also participated in the Musical Romeo & Juliette, Dracula or Mugler Follies.

Alexander Wood

Understudy for Oliver, singer

As a young Franco-American artist noticed in The Voice Kid TV show, Alexander Wood recently won renown for his title role in the Musical Oliver Twist (most talented new artist of the year at the Trophées de la comédie musicale (Musicals Awards) and on the cast of Grease at Mogador.


Julie Demont

Maëlle Dufour

Alessandro Ottaviani

Charice-Canelle Zeiher

Killian Taillasson

Nick Leistal

Circus performers

Slacklining duet

Louis Boniface

Giovanna Pet

Aerial Pole trio

Mathieu Sennacherib

Piotr Kopacz

Julien Seijo

Waz’O Trapeze duet

Duo Waz'O

Louis-David Simoneau & Marie-Christine Fournier

Aerial Sphere

Julie Demont

Bungee straps

Yoann Benhamou

Stick manipulation & Acro Tricking

Thibault Gassmann

Korean plank and pole

Cirque la Compagnie

Charlie Mach

Zackary ARNAUD

Boris Fodella

Baptiste Clerc

Acrobatic dancers and Backup

Charlotte Sumian

Robbie Curtis